Love your life out loud.

Do you want to get away from it all, without using your passport to go away? Our intentional sound and energy work can create a peaceful, restful oasis in your life amidst the busy buzz of our daily world.

Did you know there is more electromagnetic activity in your heart, than your head? We can help you begin a new intimacy and relatedness with your heart as the gate to your soul, your world, and the whole of the universe.

"Certain forms of music, like beautiful fragrances, awaken associations in us that are primordial, eternal, and ultimate." - Wayne Teasdale, forward, from The Yoga of Sound by Russill Paul

illuminating hearts is a Nebraska-based collaboration to help you imagine, solve, create and live from the intelligence of the heart. Through intentional sound, cellular harmonization, energy tuning, design and education, co-conspirators Lily Marie Livingston and Ryan Lee Muff facilitate personalized and group journeys, guiding participants to the sage, innovator and healer within. We provide a full array of wellness services to embody and inspire a state of coherence and heart-centered living for individuals and groups. Our offerings include Illuminating Hearts Sessions, Heartifact Archaeology©, Organic Sound Alchemy, Gong Meditation, Dance Alchemy and Resonant Yoga. We support business innovation and business wellness programs through Resonant Innovation and Wellness Sessions for diverse organizations. We help you bring nature to you and your built environment through Biophilic & Wellness Design Consulting. In addition, we provide didgeridoo and other sound lessons! Let us support your journey to uncover your heartifacts, become aligned with your best gifts, and live joy-fully.