Illuminating Hearts is dreaming up some big hairy audacious goals, our very own moonshot. Won’t you join us in creating a healthier future by investing in our dream? The planet is filled with much challenge and change, and one of our core values at our company is to thrive from challenge and change and help others do the same. How do we do that? We build new soul-utions every day and we empower ourselves and others by sharing and teaching pragmatic wholing resources and tools. Currently, we are looking for land and buildings in Omaha, Nebraska to create a heart-centered integrative center for collaboration and wellness in the “heartland”. We will playfully call it Heart Land. Our goal is to raise over $333,000 dollars to birth Heart Land as a model for wholeness and thriveability in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a big dream, and we enlist your generosity and abundant spirit.

Our funding button above is through PayPal which takes a transaction fee, so we encourage rounding up! We also love other forms of funding, please contact us to arrange a cash or check payment. Your financial gift to Illuminating Hearts is not tax deductible. We are currently refining our business plan, please contact us if you would like to be a part of the vision, can help write business plans, assist with fundraising, or just want to learn more.
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Heart Land dream

Heart Land is a destination in the heartland for artists, teachers, parents, children, couples, healers, entrepreneurs & wellness professionals who need to unplug, recharge and connect—with themselves, others, nature, their creative hearts, and cutting-edge thought leadership. Heart Land is a place of inspiration, collaboration, community and creativity fostering generative cross-pollination between guests, staff, interns, retreat and workshop facilitators. The acquired property and buildings are a demonstration community project for sustainable, regenerative and wellness design features throughout.

Heart Land is fueled by mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships with local, national, and global organizations that support our multi-disciplinary mission of diversity and collaboration: wellness, holistic therapies, psycho-acoustics, arts, yoga, mindfulness, sustainability, green building, urban agriculture, education, veterinary alternative medicine, farm to table restaurants, as well as conscious corporations, entrepreneurship, and non-profits. Heart Land is a nourishing space sustained by an unparalleled collaborative infrastructure to host multi-purpose retreats, events and sessions in the creative & caring fields.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Buckminster Fuller


Illuminating Hearts is…

a Love Lifestyle Collaboration (LLC) conceived to help people imagine, solve, create, and live vitally from the intelligence of the heart. Our eco-system of offerings—woven from multiple disciplines such as acoustics, metaphysics, mindfulness, mysticism, fluid movement, bioenergetics, sustainability, biomimicry and biophilic design—mimics the biodiversity found in nature to restore wholeness.

Our Mission is to…

Cross-pollinate organic sound and energy tuning, science and spirituality, theory and the experiential to provide diverse innovative wellness services so that others may thrive. Empower individuals with diverse tools to live from the heart. Promote biodiversity for a healthier planet. Develop a space to connect community through diverse collaborations and knowledge sharing—across multiple disciplines from sustainability to embodied wellness.

By creating Heart Land, we vision a future where…

our collaborative center in the heartland expands consciousness through revealing the relationship between science and mysticism. We are a global destination bridging experiential and scientific multi-discipline practices for wholing a human being. Our thought leadership fosters a world view based on collaboration, cooperation, integration, inclusion and generosity.

Bring your whole Self. Be your whole self.

Our company DNA is woven from nature.

We are a holistic culture of inclusivity, where uniqueness and biodiversity are celebrated, and everyone is welcome. We cultivate the knowing in others that ALL plants, creatures, and human beings are relatives. We innovate every day to create a new paradigm that promotes a joyful planet and people. We thrive through challenge and change. We invite play and rest into each new day; they are essential medicines in our culture of urgency.

We ignite conscious collaboration as a sacred practice that makes competition obsolete. When others succeed, we succeed. We seek strength-based soul-utions that are sustainable and beneficial to the whole. We nurture emotional intelligence in our company and in the world, to build opportunities for deeper mindful intimacy with each other. Humility and vulnerability are strengths; we encourage their expression to fortify our humanity and our connection with each other. We walk forward in the beauty of our values every day.

“It’s all alive. It’s all connected. It’s all intelligent. It’s all relatives.” -Bioneers

Learn more about Orion and Astara, the co-founders of Illuminating Hearts.