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Sound Exploration

  • Bancroft Street Market 2702 South 10th Street Omaha, NE, 68108 United States (map)

“Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whether you realize or notice it, you are an architect of frequency every day. Orion and Astara of Illuminating Hearts return to Bancroft Street Market for a special sound exploration that helps you waken to the construct of sound and vibration that you are connected to and also creating. Discover your liquid architecture. Discover your own inner music. Honor the sonic architect that you are and step into a magical Sound Exploration with us.

$35 Advance Registration/$40 Door

If you prefer to pay cash, check, or credit card (via Square), email to register and pay advance rate at the door.

Chairs will be provided. If you so choose, you may also bring your favorite props to create a comfy nest for the sound event: yoga mat/blanket/bolster/pillow. Children aged 12 and up may attend.

Everyone and everything, including your body, this planet, and the stars, are made of vibration. The universe is filled with an energetic construction of frequency that affects our own frequency. We are generators of frequency with our thoughts, emotions, and the state of our body’s vitality that affects the frequency of the world around us, and vice-versa. When we speed up the frequency enough we call it color and light. On the other end of the spectrum, when light is slowed down it becomes sound and rhythm, the heartbeat of life. When frequency is slowed further it becomes matter. In the last century, Quantum physics determined we are 99.99999% space (waves) and matter is only .000001% solid (particles)—you are more vital dynamic energy or vibration than you may realize.

"We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” - Albert Einstein 

This event is unique in that you get to choose to engage with the sonic architecture as you choose. What is distinctive to this immersion is that you can choose to sit and watch, or walk around and let your body move or dance, or bring a comfortable mat or blanket to lay down in a restful internal journey. Special eye masks will be available as loaners to remove the sense of “sight” to amplify your hearing and ability to feel the sound (also available for purchase to keep). We encourage you to inhabit the sound more consciously in your body and around your body, to not only hear the sound, but to touch the sound and to be more aware of and become conscious of the music or liquid architecture that you are. How you experience the sound is up to you. If you choose to watch, this is not a performance, this is a collaboration with vibration and the instruments are actually playing us.

However you decide to participate, transformation in a heartbeat is always available through the sound.

Illuminating Hearts typically calls their sonic construct “Organic Sound Alchemy” because it is non-amplified sound that helps individuals entrain their frequency with nature. Such an alignment with what makes us feel whole again can create an alchemical space for transformation, healing, inspiration, and creativity. Our set-up, the cathedral of sound, includes over 50 instruments representing musical traditions from around the world, such as the didgeridoo, gong, flute, drum, shruti box, singing bowl, bell and voice. The sound journey con-struct is based in biomimicry, emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. The diversity of instruments infer elements such as water, earth, air, and fire and mimics biodiversity. The layering of sound invokes a stochastic rhythm, or what seems random, but is actually the order that is found in the “random” patterns of the natural world around us. Just as the shadows of leaves move in a dappled pattern in sunlight and breeze, or what our eyes see as the twinkling of stars at night, or the sound of water rushing or birds whistling may seem random, it is an ordered language that our bodies know instinctively and is restorative to us.

Organic sound means no digital compression or amplification, so the sound comes to you in its full frequency. Our holistic sound provides an antidote to the over-stimulation and disconnection of our modern world. The sound invites you into mindfulness, into the expansive present moment, helping you alchemize your Self.

Benefits of Organic Sound Alchemy:

  • Learn fluid breathing and toning techniques to center and align yourself with your own fluidity

  • Discover a deeper way of listening to your own body and the world around you

  • Reconnect your heart-mind-body to support your heart intelligence and coherence

  • Build Vagal Nerve Tone to support your bio-intelligence and overall well-being

  • Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for wholing your body and soul

  • Increase Heart Rate Variability for longevity and vitality

  • Access gamma brain waves which in turn accesses all brain wave states and increases well-being, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience.

  • Tune yourself up and get back in tune with the earth and those around you

"Illuminating Hearts are pure magic. Never before have I felt vibration in every cell of my body, creating a thrumming that transformed time and space. My whole body became rivers of sound. Orion and Astara are bringing a profound experience into the world, don’t miss it!!" - Susan Steindorf, Owner of Dayaalu Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington

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