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Spring Equinox Sound Alchemy

  • Omaha Power Yoga (backside of Countryside Village) 8721 Shamrock Road Omaha, NE, 68114 United States (map)

Love your life out loud.

Omaha Power Yoga is thrilled to welcome back Astara and Orion of Illuminating Hearts to our studio to honor the Spring Equinox with Organic Sound Alchemy.

Investment $35
The Vernal Equinox is a time to remember balance within ourselves as dark and light come into balance in our day. It is a time to revel in what is beginning, growing, and blossoming inside our lives and hearts. Open the door vibrationally to the magic of the Spring season. This is an invitation to become more grounded and clear than usual, more introspective and integrated than “yesterday,” more full of heart in a “tucked in” sort of way, experiencing more deep Joy, fine with what IS and in deep Celebration with every breath. This Equinox, get in touch with the deeper inner version of who you are than you ever knew before.

Dress Comfortably. Bring your favorite yoga mat/blanket/bolster to make a comfortable nest. If you have attended an Illuminating Hearts sound immersion before, please bring your mindfold/eyemask. If this is your first one, you will be provided one!

Organic Sound Alchemy© is an intuitive, acoustic, in the moment and from-the-heart restorative multi-instrumental sound meditation. Musical traditions and instruments from around the world, such as didgeridoos, flutes, drums, shruti box, voice and singing bowls, blend in a channeled resonant journey, unique to the vibration of the individual or group gathered. Everyone and everything, including you, this planet, and the stars, are made of vibration.

Organic Sound Alchemy reconnects your heart-mind-body. The organic sound builds vagal nerve tone, engages the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases heart rate variability. Relaxing in organic sound increases gamma waves of the brain which in turn increases well-being, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience. All of this bio-intelligence creates the context in the body for healing or wholing. Our holistic sound mediation provides an antidote to the over-stimulation and disconnection of our modern world. The organic sound acts as a non-invasive vibrational massage at the cellular level of the body, supporting entrainment with your self, the earth, and those around you. This creates a state of coherence that occurs when your mind, heart and body work together more harmoniously with the planet.

Organic Sound Alchemy is an invitation into mindfulness, dropping you into the expansive present moment, which helps you alchemize your Self. Together, in cultivated resonance, move from chronos (chronological time) into the gifts of kairos (deep time) and contemplation. These ancient instruments of the future invite you into presence. Come home to your soul. Be. Hear. Now.

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