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Heartifact Archaeology Playshop

  • Lighthouse Yoga 222 North 114th Street Omaha, NE, 68154 United States (map)

Friday August 10th 7:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday August 11th 1:30pm-5:30pm
Sunday August 12th 12:30pm-3:30pm
Early bird $299 by 7/27, $333 after 7/27
Registration required, limited spots available.

Attendees: Wear comfortable clothes (bring layers) that you can move in and lie down in. Bring anything special you might need to make a nest for lying down during sound meditation: mat, blanket, pillow. Bring a journal or pad of paper and a pen.

Lighthouse Yoga is excited to host Astara of Illuminating Hearts for a Heartifact Archaeology Playshop: Soul Tools for the Luminous Path. Step through the "lions gate" of 8/8/18 into this 9 hour, three day playshop that introduces you to the eco-system of Heartifact Archaeology. There will be subsequent playshops later this year for a deeper dive into the advanced modules of specific soul tools.

This Heartifact Archaeology Playshop is a weekend intensive to help you shift to a new world view of creation, systems thinking, cooperation, inclusion and integration as you approach your body, your true nature, your community, and the world.

Astara teaches knowledge, skills and practices that can be used in a daily way to explore the layers of wisdom inside you, so you can love yourself to a new place. In addition to all the tools and skills you will gather, you will soak in Organic Sound Alchemy each day as well! For three days of heart play, we will share sacred song, soul journeys, guided meditation, divination practices, fluid movement, breath work, shadow play and sound alchemy. During this playshop, Astara delivers an overview of diverse array of tools to you: gut-heart-mind coherence, tarot and divination, shamanism, emotional freedom technique and other bioenergetics tools, accessing the Akashic record, dowsing, and many other psycho-spiritual disciplines.

Friday August 10th 7:00pm-9:00pm (2 hrs)
Nature, Power, and the Luminous Body:

Learn the connection between the soul, nature and power from a shamanic perspective.  Gather in community, learn coherence practices, discover your sacred garden, and float in Organic Sound Alchemy.

Saturday August 11th 1:30pm-5:30pm (4 hrs)
Creator Consciousness, Heart Intelligence, Bioenergetics, Soul Mirror and Dowsing:

Discover the intelligence of the heart and how energy moves through the body. Discover toning, fluid movement and breath practices for deeper embodiment. Explore the mirror of the soul through tarot. Build dowsing skills. Soak in Organic Sound Alchemy.

Sunday August 12th 12:30pm-3:30pm (3 hrs)
Time Plasticity, Be-wild-erment, Technologies of Magic, and Unity Consciousness:

Explore time plasticity in a new quantum reality filled with a wild magic that is YOU. Enjoy playful group work to lovingly integrate shadow aspects of you and awaken your intuition. Soak in Organic Sound Alchemy. Time travel.

 Art: Autumn Skye Morrison - Unlocking Euphoria

Art: Autumn Skye Morrison - Unlocking Euphoria

What is Heartifact Archaeology?
The term "Heart-i-fact" expresses the immense knowledge held like golden keys in the tiny space of your heart, where your brightest light is held. You are biophotonic, you are literally made of light. There is a halo, an aura, a rainbow body, a field of luminosity, that is inherently human and can be cultivated, expressed and sustained as a daily practice in your life. This playshop provides you with introductory soul tools to begin to dig deep into your heart and unlock your own heartifacts to build circuits for your luminous path.

Heartifact Archaeology (HA) is generated in the intersection between science and metaphysics. HA helps you explore the diversity inside you as well as the diversity continuously creating who you are biologically, energetically, intelligence-wise, and emotion-wise. HA empowers you to a heart-centered life, using your biological and energetic wisdom as a key to unlock your souls gifts and your true inheritance of learning, connection, and expression. Transform the limited, separate, mechanized modern human hologram our society has agreed upon, to a remembered hologram of wonder, miracles and magic of being a conscious human connected to all of life in a loving society of wild humility, generosity, and grace.

Healing that comes straight from the authentic experience of the soul is the greatest kind of healing there is. Technical healing through the heart-mind and energy systems of the body is essential as well. What is most profound and powerful is that HA encourages and uses both.

This playshop is a place of community gathering that is sustaining, supportive, and nourishing of being reflections of light amongst each other. There is a Jekyll and Hyde, our own light and shadow, that is normative within each human. This playshop is about finding a love relationship between our shadow and light. Together, we allow the shadow to be in intimacy with the light, and allow the light to use the lessons from the shadow, from the dark, to shine bright like a diamond.

You have a unique evolutionary medicine to contribute and cultivate to create more beauty and light in this world. You are deeply needed at this time. The entire team of evolution and creation is counting on you to step into your life fully and unabashedly. Love yourself into a soul-aligned life. Discover your own YOUniverse centered in your heart. Unlock your essence and highest potential with your heartifacts. Love your life out loud.

In this magical playshop, Astara will guide you to:
πŸ’› Understand a new framework of the YOUniverse and the role your heart plays
πŸ’› Heighten your awareness of your luminous body
πŸ’› Deepen your gut-heart-mind connection for greater resilience in everyday life
πŸ’› Explore fluid movement and sound for greater embodiment
πŸ’› Daily practices to build circuits in your body so you can capacitate more light
πŸ’› Insights and tools to awaken and empower your intuition
πŸ’› Perform divination for others and interpret the metaphors you are shown
πŸ’› Journey into the future and the deep past for more information
πŸ’› Become conscious of the Akashic Records (the Book of Life) that is available to all
πŸ’› Build intimacy with your shadows
πŸ’› Transform victimhood (object consciousness) to empowerment (creator consciousness)
πŸ’› Expand your understanding of the truth of your genetics, your body, and evolution
πŸ’› and much more!

What others say about Heartifact Archaeology Playshop:

"What an incredible experience, the Heartifact Archeology Playshop set the stage to put into instant practice what we were gifted. With our spoken intentions at the outset, we glided through the rich content of Astara’s teachings and while held in the group embrace of love and respect we bathed in the beautiful healing sounds, explored our path of intent, and recieved jewels from spirit. My own personal intent of creative focus and integration of all aspects of my life with my artistic life was fulfilledβ€” with boundless inspiration I simultaneously produced a 4 x 5 foot painting illustrating the gift received. Thank you Astara for the brilliance you shared with us, thank you Orion for your fresh exuberance, and thank you both for the amazing sounds that guided us on our journeys. I am illuminated." - Julie Jenowe, Omaha, NE

"Thank you so much for providing the blueprints for transformation.  Heartifact Playshop provides knowledge and tools for meditation, visualization, muscle testing, tarot, dowsing, cleansing and a multitude of metaphysical and scientific concepts with applications for my life and within our universe. One of the greatest gifts from the weekend is my newly acquired skill to visualize and access my garden.  It is a safe place where I am now able to experiment and find comfort and rejuvenating energy.  This garden has informed my creativity and is guiding me on how to write my own mythological creation story. I have been profoundly influenced and transformed by this weekend.  It is still in process, but what has already transpired is nothing less than miraculous." - Cherine Bishara, Omaha, NE

Astara (Lily Marie Livingston) is a heartrepreneur, illuminator, pragmatic mystic, writer, archaeomusician, architect and wellness innovator with over 21 years of experience in metaphysics, intuitive spirituality and sustainable architecture. As co-founder of Illuminating Hearts, Astara created Heartifact Archaeology, an eco-system of metaphysical energy based soul tools to help empower others. Her shamanic training has included work with Nan Moss, David Corbin, Jose Stevens, Jill Kuykendall, Hank Wesselman, and Michael Harner. She has worked with Angeles Arrien's Jungian archetype approach with the tarot for over 15 years and over a decade of experience in Spiritual Response Therapy and Akashic records. Astara knows life is a symphony of love. It is her joy to bring people back in touch with their essence and connect them to nature within and without. Astara wakes up each morning to help others know that the heart is a deeply intelligent and powerful guidance system. She knows being alive is a great dance and can be found for hours at her piano playing and singing rock and roll. As a pianist and singer, Astara channels her knowledge of the power of intentional sound to individuals and groups.
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