A section of "The Song Within" by artist Daria Hlazatova (inspired by her private Organic Sound Alchemy session)

A section of "The Song Within" by artist Daria Hlazatova (inspired by her private Organic Sound Alchemy session)

Transformation in a heartbeat.

We invite you to live, work, design and create from a state of coherence and connection. Embody your consciousness. Become a scholar of your own heart and essence. Know that you are the powerful creator of your life. Step courageously into being YOU, fully.


Soul Alchemy

 "Heartifact Archaeology" by artist Daria Hlazatova (inspired by her private Heartifact Archaeology session)

"Heartifact Archaeology" by artist Daria Hlazatova (inspired by her private Heartifact Archaeology session)

A Soul Alchemy© Session combines the soul wholing bio-energy work of Heartifact Archaeology with the cellular resonance massage of Organic Sound Alchemy. During Heartifact Archaeology, you dive inside your soul to discover and claim your deepest intentions for wholeness. During Organic Sound Alchemy, we help you entrain your body to your intentions through your own personal channeled sound meditation. Soul Alchemy is life-transforming. Individual, couple or group (including partners, friends, family of all ages) sessions available.

Private Soul Alchemy*
Individual Rates:
Initial $222 (2 1/2 hours)
Tune-up $188 (2 hours) 

Special package savings:
(Package of 3) - 2 hr sessions $533 (savings of $31)
Package of 4) - 2 hr sessions $711 (savings of $41)
(Package of 5) - 2 hr sessions $888 (savings of $52)
Couple Rates:
Initial $333 (3 hours)
Tune-up $222 (2 hours)

Special package savings:
Package of 3 - 2 hr sessions $600 (savings of $66)
Package of 4 - 2 hr sessions $800 (savings of $88)
Package of 5 - 2 hr sessions $1000 (savings of $110)
*Located at our home office.
Contact us about gift certificates, home/business, and group rates.
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Heartifact Archaeology

If someone should say to you:
“In the fortified City of the Imperishable,
Our body, there is a lotus,
And in this lotus a tiny space:
What does it contain that one
Should desire to know it?”

You must reply:
“As vast as this space without
Is the tiny space within your heart:
Heaven and earth are found in it,
Fire and air, sun and moon,
Lightning and the constellations,
Whatever belongs to you here below
And all that doesn’t,
All this is gathered in that tiny space
Within your heart.”

~ Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.2-3

Heartifact Archaeology© is a spa service for the soul: bathing you in your own heart's wisdom and luminosity, exfoliating old beliefs, massaging in a new paradigm, and ultimately loving you to a new place.

The excerpt from the Upanishads above, written around 2,800 to 5,000 years ago, refers to the tiny space of the heart, a gateway to where all is known inside YOU. "Heart-i-fact" expresses the immense and beautiful knowledge held like golden keys in the tiny space of your heart, where your brightest light is held. Heartifacts hold all the information you will ever need to blossom, to illuminate, to embody the truest YOU – you can be.

You are biophotonic, you are literally made of light. You are here to shine bright like a diamond!

BEBirthday-40 crop.jpg

Heartifact Archaeology helps you dig for your own heartifacts, and begin a more intimate dialogue with your inner guru (sage, healer, shaman) that resides within your hearts' tiny space. Each of us come into this world with soul learning and evolution to undertake. Using many tools to polish your soul mirror, Heartifact Archaeology empowers you to listen, see, feel, touch and Know your own heart and body guidance, so that you can consciously own and inhabit your soul evolution.

The heart is the best and truest GPS you will ever know on your soul path. During a session, we em-power you to listen to your own wise guidance. We help you uncover the depth and breadth of any soul question, to learn the scale of your issue. Our culture, our ancestry, our past lifetimes, our present life may all be involved. We dig down to the root. Knowing the layers of resistance to your own essence brings understanding and compassion – and from there organic healing flows and helps those blocks dissolve.

20171021 BeYoga Tarot crop.jpg

Heartifact Archaeology helps you transform your biggest, hairiest, scariest stories and experiences into a more neutral and playful perception. Borrowing the words of Caroline Casey, what if all your traumas were converted into dangerous beautiful assignments? It is possible to tell a new story, and even drop below the need for story. That neutrality is part of the wholing.

Mimicking the genius of nature’s varied ecosystems, Heartifact Archaeology cross-pollinates a bio-diverse array of soul tools: shamanism, tarot, epigenetics, emotional freedom technique, spiritual response therapy, bioenergetics, and dowsing merge with many other psycho-spiritual disciplines. Healing that comes straight from the authentic experience of the soul is the greatest kind of healing there is. Technical healing through the energy systems of the body is essential as well. Heartifact Archaeology uses both for a more powerful and profound experience.


You have a unique medicine to contribute and cultivate to create more beauty in this world. You are deeply needed at this time. You know this inside. The entire team of evolution and creation is counting on you to step into your life fully and unabashedly. Heartifact Archaeology can help you love yourself into your Self. Unlock your essence and highest potential with your heartifacts. Allow more of your true Self into the world. Love your life out loud. Book a personal Heartifact Archaeology session today!

Illuminating Hearts also offers Heartifact Archaeology of your home, business, or land to help neutralize geopathic stress, balance, and restore energy flow within a business, building, or land. Heartifact Archaeology sessions are offered both in person at our beautiful Omaha home office or remotely via phone, FaceTime, and Skype. Energy is everywhere and can be applied anywhere. Book a Heartifact Archaeology session for your home, business, or land today!

For a deeper integrative experience we highly recommend combining Heartifact Archaeology with Organic Sound Alchemy in a full Soul Alchemy Session.

Private Heartifact Archaeology* individual rates:
Initial session: $222 (2 hour)
Follow-up session: $166 (1 1/2 hours)
Special package savings:

Package of 3 - 1 1/2 hr sessions $466 (savings of $35)
Package of 4 - 1 1/2 hr sessions $622 (savings of $46)
Package of 5 - 1 1/2 hr sessions $777 (savings of $58)
*Located at our home office
Contact us about gift certificates, home/business, and group rates.
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Organic Sound Alchemy

Float with the sound.
Melt with it into divine silence.
The sacred power of space will carry you
Into the dancing radiant emptiness
That is the source of all.

The ocean of sound is inviting you
Into its spacious embrace,
Calling you home.

- Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras, Sutra 16

Love your life out loud.

Organic Sound Alchemy© is a holistic, intuitive, acoustic, in the moment and from-the-heart restorative multi-instrumental sound meditation. We create sonic architecture as a safe space for you to renew and whole yourself. Our set-up, the "cathedral of sound", includes over 50 instruments representing musical traditions from around the world, such as the didgeridoo, gong, flute, drum, shruti box, singing bowl, bell and voice. All these instruments blend in a channeled resonant journey unique to the vibration of the individual or group gathered.

Everyone and everything, including you, this planet, and the stars, are made of vibration. Everything has a signature frequency that is magical and alive. We call your signature frequency your song. Using vocal toning and dynamic instruments, we sing your song back to you, bringing you into a state of wholeness.

IlluminatingHearts-37 crop.jpg

Organic Sound Alchemy helps individuals entrain their fundamental frequency with what they are hard-wired for: nature. Such an alignment with what makes us feel whole again can create an alchemical space for transformation, healing, inspiration, and creativity. The sound journey is based in biomimicry, emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. Our diversity of instruments infer elements such as water, earth, air, and fire and mimics biodiveristy. The layering of sound invokes a stochastic rhythm, or what seems random, but is actually the order in chaos that is found in the natural world around us. Just as the shadows of leaves move in a dappled pattern in sunlight and breeze, or what our eyes see as the twinkling of stars at night, or the sound of water rushing or birds whistling may seem random, it is an ordered language that our bodies know instinctively and is restorative to us.

Organic sound means no digital compression or amplification, so the sound comes to you in its full frequency. Your body is hard-wired for organic sound; being bathed in holistic sound connects you to nature again. Like a musical instrument, your body can become out of tune as the day progresses or even when you wake up. Organic sound helps you "tune up" your body for more harmony and joy in your life.

IlluminatingHearts-64 crop.jpg

Organic Sound Alchemy reconnects your heart-mind-body. The organic sound builds vagal nerve tone, engages the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases heart rate variability. Relaxing in organic sound increases gamma waves of the brain which in turn increases well-being, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience. All of this bio-intelligence creates the context in the body for wholing. Our holistic sound provides an antidote to the over-stimulation and disconnection of our modern world. The organic sound acts as a non-invasive vibrational massage at the cellular level of the body, supporting entrainment with your self, the earth, and those around you. This creates a state of coherence that occurs when your mind, heart and body work together more harmoniously with the planet.

IlluminatingHeartsJune2017-36 crop.jpg

The sound invites you into mindfulness; it drops you into the expansive present moment. In cultivated resonance, move from chronos (chronological time) into the gifts of kairos (deep time) and contemplation. These ancient instruments of the future invite you into presence. Let our holistic sound and resonance be your temple of renewal. Come hOMe to your soul. Be. Hear. Now.

Benefits of Organic Sound Alchemy:

  • Learn fluid breathing and toning techniques to center and align yourself with your own fluidity
  • Discover a deeper way of listening to your own body and the world around you
  • Reconnect your heart-mind-body to support your heart intelligence and coherence
  • Build Vagal Nerve Tone to support your bio-intelligence and overall well-being
  • Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for wholing your body and soul
  • Increase Heart Rate Variability for longevity and vitality
  • Access gamma brain waves which in turn accesses all brain wave states and increases well-being, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience.
  • Tune yourself up and get back in tune with the earth and those around you

As an event for deep relaxation and meditation, children aged 12 and up may attend Organic Sound Alchemy to maintain this atmosphere.

Illuminating Hearts' Organic Sound Alchemy offering serves a range of needs from individuals, couples, families and communities, to schools, healthcare environments, offices, and organizations. We also can tailor Organic Sound Alchemy as a "blessing ceremony" for weddings, a new home, business openings, new baby, and many other sacred life events. We create a cross-cultural resonant journey inviting community and oneness to honor the beauty of your life event. Book a customized group Organic Sound Alchemy session for your life event, home or business today!

For a deeper soul enriching experience we recommend combining Organic Sound Alchemy with Heartifact Archaeology© in a Soul Alchemy Session.

Private Organic Sound Alchemy*
Individual Rates:
Tune-up $111 (1 hour) or $55 (1/2 hour)

Couple Rates:
Tune-up $155 (1 hour) or $77 (1/2 hour)
Special package savings:

Package of 3 - 1 hr sessions $300 (savings of $33)
Package of 4 - 1 hr sessions $400 (savings of $44)
Package of 5 - 1 hr sessions $500 (savings of $55)
Located at our home office.
Contact us about gift certificates, home/business, and group rates.
Book a personal Organic Sound Alchemy session today!
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Gong Meditation

IMG_1849 bright crop.jpg

Illuminating Hearts sonically supports meditation in collaboration with various meditation environments. The multi-layered resonance of the gong stimulates the under-utilized parasympathetic nervous system, soothing the overly stimulated sympathetic nervous system of our modern daily life. Follow the strike of the gong and resulting resonance across all frequencies into infinite drops of emptiness. Experience the beauty of the gong in support of your meditation practice. Disengage the brain and be. Let the gong remove the noise inside you that is not you. Sit in mindful resonance.
Contact us about booking and rates.
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Movement Soundscapes


Illuminating Hearts creates a sacred container of sound and resonance for various forms of somatics and movement.

20160813 bowl cymatics.jpg

Fluid Movement, Fluid Sound: You are between 50 to 75 percent water by mass, yet you are actually 99% water by molecule. At all scales life is fluid. Life is a constellation of waves and rhythms, from the dynamic quantum torque of electrons inside of us, to the fluid in our spine, organs and fascia, to the swirl of a storm system, to the expanding spiral of stars in our galaxy. Like a battery, water is necessary for your subtle energy systems to flow and communicate best. Our fluid nature and vibration connect us healthfully to the world and universe. 

Let us lead you in fluid movement while supporting you in a sacred container of holistic organic sound and resonance. Move in a revolutionary way. Invite in soft flowing resilience.

BEBirthday-12 crop.jpg

Asana Soundscapes: This offering is inspired by Nāda Yoga, or the premise that all that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called nāda. Nāda is the unstruck sound inside you. In collaboration with a yoga instructor, we bring an intentional holistic soundscape to support each yogi in their practice. The sonic container helps you deepen your connection to your body and resonate with your inner sound and wisdom. 

IlluminatingHearts-36 sm crop.jpg

Dance Alchemy: When was the last time you danced? You sang? You laughed? In some cultures or tribes, these are the first questions the medicine man or woman asks the person seeking healing. Dance Alchemy© playfully blends dance and voice in a multi-instrumental soundscape.

You don't need to identify as a dancer. We provide a respectful, inclusive, engaging and participatory environment to explore self-expression and wholing through movement and sound. Express your inner joy. Give yourself permission to move authentically, laugh, and sing!
Contact us about booking and rates for various movement soundscape potentials.
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Didgeridoo + other Sound Lessons

BEBirthday-25 crop.jpg

Do you feel the call to learn one of the most ancient instruments on this planet? We offer didgeridoo lessons to individuals as well as to groups. Didgeridoo is a phonetic westernized term for an instrument that has a multitude of indigenous names. This magical droning wind instrument helps you embark on a journey into the dreamtime, create a new sound meditation practice, and align the player as well as those nearby back to a state of coherence and vibrational harmony. Playing the didgeridoo has a range of health benefits from helping people quit smoking, supporting the nervous system, reducing stress and healing sleep apnea. Traditionally this powerful instrument was even used to mend bones! We teach basic techniques which include the drone, vocals, tonguing, circular breathing and more advanced styles of playing. We also offer djembe, First Nation style flute, gong, singing bowl, and other sound lessons.
Individual rate: $88/hour
Contact us about booking and group rates.
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