Voices from the Experience


Your sound really does heal! I’ve had daily hip pain for a year plus—under doctors care for tore tendons—and the day after your Organic Sound Alchemy event I noticed my hip wasn’t really bothering me and then this morning I woke up and had to think how many days it’s been since I felt my hip pain!! I haven’t needed any of my daily pills, essential oils, or rubs! Surely my pain didn’t just decide to stop after so long!!!
#Ibelieve #sounddoesheal

Diane Marie, Le Mars, Iowa


I attended my first Organic Sound Alchemy event with Illuminating Hearts. Two days later, and I am still feeling the effects of the sounds that I heard in Le Mars, Iowa. It is the BEST SPENT MONEY that ever left my bank account. I would highly recommend it to anybody wants to feel peace and the vibrations in your body. I will definitely be doing this again!

Liz Wilcox, Akron, Iowa


If you haven't experienced Illuminating Hearts, make it a highest priority! Incredible magic. Didgeridoo, planetary gongs, sweetest vocals and abstract tones to take me far beyond mind, into the now of the heart. Waking to frequency of warm interstellar massage, I am reset as One with perfection. Pure delight, ecstasy! Thank you Orion and Astara for being channels of Grace.

Sophia Stratbucker, Owner Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat, Lodge & Spa
Omaha, Nebraska


So grateful to feel this experience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ease and grace realized. I’ve been to hundreds of "Sound Baths" and your orchestration of complex layers unfolded organically without any distractions and was as pure and multidimensional as any I have been fortunate enough to explore. Perfecto. I highly recommend Illuminating Hearts to anyone fortunate to have access. YES!

Greg Haner, Founder & Teaching Practitioner at Sound Bowl Immersion
Monglaralto, Ecuador


So much art, love and magic in what you two create!

Toni Marie Chappeli
San Francisco, California


Illuminating Hearts are pure magic.   Never before have I felt vibration in every cell of my body, creating a thrumming that transformed time and space. My whole body became rivers of sound.  Orion and Astara are bringing a profound experience into the world, don’t miss it!!

Susan Steindorf, Owner of Dayaalu Center
Bainbridge Island, Washington
(photo: Linda Wolf)


What an incredible experience, the Heartifact Archeology Playshop set the stage to put into instant practice what we were gifted. With our spoken intentions at the outset, we glided through the rich content of Astara’s teachings and while held in the group embrace of love and respect we bathed in the beautiful healing sounds, explored our path of intent, and received jewels from spirit. My own personal intent of creative focus and integration of all aspects of my life with my artistic life was fulfilled— with boundless inspiration I simultaneously produced a 4 x 5 foot painting illustrating the gift received. Thank you Astara for the brilliance you shared with us, thank you Orion for your fresh exuberance, and thank you both for the amazing sounds that guided us on our journeys. I am illuminated.

Julie Jenowe,
Omaha, Nebraska
(art: Julie Jenowe, 'Remember to Remember' 4'x 5', acrylic on canvas)


Thank you so much for providing the blueprints for transformation.  Heartifact Archaeology Playshop provides knowledge and tools for meditation, visualization, muscle testing, tarot, dowsing, cleansing and a multitude of metaphysical and scientific concepts with applications for my life and within our universe. One of the greatest gifts from the weekend is my newly acquired skill to visualize and access my garden.  It is a safe place where I am now able to experiment and find comfort and rejuvenating energy.  This garden has informed my creativity and is guiding me on how to write my own mythological creation story. I have been profoundly influenced and transformed by this weekend.  It is still in process, but what has already transpired is nothing less than miraculous. With heartfelt sincerity.

Cherine Bashara
Omaha, NE


These folks are simply amazing. Their words, their hearts and their passion for what they do is out of this world. This was my first sound bath experience, and it completely changed my outlook on meditation, yoga and self-care in general. If you have the opportunity to sound bathe with them, seize it! You will remember the experience forever!

Melanie Lucks
Omaha, Nebraska

The Organic Sound Alchemy was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It felt like five minutes but at one point I was in space, another I was in the ocean and when the time was up I felt like I had just woken up from a nap. The meditation with the gongs sent me into a deep state of dhyana! Dance Alchemy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am still blissful after just a couple sessions with Orion and Astara. The two of them truly exemplify what love is all about. They will heal you in ways you might not expect and bring joy and insight into your life that you'll enjoy for years to come. If you get the chance to meet them and experience what they offer make sure to take the opportunity!

Olivia Lynn
Mornington, Victoria, Australia


Astara and Orion opened up my eyes to an incredible new experience. My session with them was unlike anything I have ever experienced. So grateful for their passion, spirit, calming nature, insight, and care. Can't wait for another sound session!

Erin Riddle
Portland, Oregon

Orion and Astara are masters of their craft. They are both rich in knowledge and are a joy to be around. I absolutely loved my reading and gong meditation. It's not everyday you get to take a yoga class with some sweet didgeridoo sounds. Being able to photograph these two doing what they love was an honor and the cherry on top of a fantastic experience!

Sarah Gill
Sioux City, Iowa


Wow! What a lovely, fascinating, transformative experience my illuminating hearts session has been with Astara and Orion. Wonderful to begin with a centering reading and a cup of tea. Then relaxing into the meshing of sound and vibration and how it opens, engages, and integrates within the body. A gnarly layer of tension and knots and blockage that I've carried around forever was gone! All the bodywork I've done for 20+ years has peeled layers off the onion, but not as fast or deep. Just too cool!

Andrea Howard
Omaha, Nebraska


It's challenging to articulate what happens in an Organic Sound Alchemy session, because words fail to do justice to this profound and transcendent experience. Astara and Orion create a safe, rich environment for personal exploration that bypasses the cognitive and moves you into a deeper state of knowing. Each session is unique and offers varied opportunities to perceive things heretofore unfathomable. Astara and Orion are mystical ambassadors extraordinaire.

Michelle Miller
Omaha, Nebraska


I attended a sound bath this evening, and could not have been any more blown away. I truly do believe this bath of instruments is going to fundamentally change my anxiety that I struggle with almost weekly. Such a beautiful experience, and I truly walked away feeling like I went through a full-body detox. Highly recommend! Such a sweet release!

Michaeluuh Charisse
Omaha, Nebraksa


Astara and Orion are two of the most radiant beings I have ever met. I can hardly describe in words what my session with them was like. The only two words that come to mind are life-changing. They truly illuminate the heart space. Their Sound Alchemy healed and cleared my uncared for wounds and stuck emotions. Moreover, I found a deeper sense of direction, purpose, and excitement for my life. I absolutely LOVED it!!!! I highly recommend one of their private sessions, or at the very least attend one of their events. You won't regret it!!! Whether you are looking for clarity, peace, relaxation or want to heal deeply, transform, and find purpose...they will help you! Thank you Astara and Orion for all you do.

Bridget Lavin
Omaha, NE

illuminating hearts logo_Purple.png

What a gentle healing, heart opening, mind stilling experience! So much goodness and truth moving through it all!! Thank you!

Lora McCarville
Omaha, Nebraska



To know Astara and Orion is to love Astara and Orion. I had never experienced a session of sound healing before my Organic Sound Alchemy session. After my first time doing so, I cannot wait for my next one. I left feeling as though I was floating on a cloud of peace. They are so knowledgeable about their art and so open and deeply intuitive. I highly recommend booking a session as soon as possible.

Kirsten Von Malotky
Omaha, Nebraska

What an amazing, healing experience. Astara and Orion are thoughtful, grounded, tapped-in practitioners. Professional and welcoming, their sessions seem to be applicable to any condition, "moving through," intention, or healing that needs to come forward. Highly recommend this work- have huge respect for these two people and the work that they are bringing to Omaha!

Melanie Osborn, Balance Matters
Omaha, Nebraska

20181203 Lighthouse crop.jpg

Game changer, no Life changer. Exactly what I needed. Just needed my sweetie children soul parts back so we could move into this next commanding level. Wow. The Soul Alchemy session is changing everything in my life - particularly how I'm showing up in relationships and interactions. Having those broken off parts of me back in the game sure is helping me with empowerment and advocating for my son and me. Huge bows to you.

Omaha, Nebraska


Oh my. I don't think I have the words to describe the MAGIC that equals this Experience. The energy, vibes, intuition that both Astara and Orion possess and share is SO beautiful, warm, and spot-on. The reading was accurate and enlightening. The sound therapy was incredibly healing. Like a massage of my cells and my very soul. I am usually pretty anxious, and I felt completely safe, at ease, and LOVED in their home. I can't thank them enough for every second, every word, every single vibration shared. I am forever changed for the better because of my time with them.

Sandy Kaye
Omaha, Nebraska

Many days later I continue to process and stand in amazement at the gifts you've shared with me: both the gifts of return (pieces of myself I had either forgotten or have been struggling to recover) and the gifts of your talents. Thank you for all of this unexpected richness. I walked away from our session with deepened meaning; with greater insight; with a more whole heart! You have significantly helped to expand and heal my heart; you are helping me recover important pieces--I have missed them so. How can I adequately thank you for this?

Andrea Lawse
Omaha, Nebraska



Yesterday two beautiful souls took me on a journey through spirit, sound and love. It was like being guided into the deepest place in my heart to discover the sacred wisdom I have been seeking. I woke up this morning changed...really just REMEMBERED and it is still resonating. I am still sensing the sounds of transformation - the sacred conversation and beautiful hospitality.

Jackie Paulson
Sioux City, IA

My experience with Astara and Orion shifted my thinking and my heart. I am so grateful that they helped to facilitate some deep healing through their words and sounds. They were kind and welcoming and explained the process with a great deal of detail and professionalism. The vibrational shift that occurred during my time with them is meaningful and palpable. I feel inspired and more awake. Thank you Astara and Orion.

Kara Cavel
Omaha, Nebraska